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DirectMedsCanada has developed a network of pharmacies all across Canada, we vet out and ensure that every pharmacy on our network is certified by the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association, and is highly rated. With such a large network we are able to fulfill almost every prescription. Brand names, generics, cold chain, and specialty medications, are all available at the lowest possible price.

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Extensive Certified Pharmacy.
Certified pharmacies across Canada for safety and reliability.
Lowest Prices on Medications.
Certified pharmacies across Canada for safety and reliability.
Exceptional Customer Service
Dedicated team for personalized assistance and customer satisfaction.
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DirectMedsCanada supports benefits managers with a certified pharmacy network across Canada. We handle logistics and provide affordable, timely delivery of all medications, including generics and specialty drugs. Our team ensures your clients receive their prescriptions safely and efficiently. Contact us for detailed information and complete pricing.

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We understand being a benefits manager can be stressful, ensuring your clients get the medication they need on time and safely is extremely important. We take care of all the logistics for you and give you the lowest possible price along the way. Our team of doctors and pharmacists can transfer any of your prescriptions, or work directly with your doctor to get you a new one. Our fulfillment team specializes in shipping dry and cold chain medication safely and securely right to the doorstep of your clients. Contact us today for full details, and a pricing sheet you will excited about!

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